We offer technical expertise, delivery strategies and risk management for major projects in oil & gas facilities, pipelines, power generation, water, infrastructure and related sectors.

Our clients include banks, private and public equity, wealth and superannuation funds, insurance and reinsurance providers and boards of major listed and private companies.

Our aim is to ensure that our client’s major project or transaction is well-governed from a technical perspective, from the earliest stages of the development cycle, such as the front-end loading report – when risks exposures can be identified and corrected with minimal delay or cost – through to feasibility, financial structuring, planning, process, approvals, design, procurement management, construction, commissioning and operational readiness.

We assess budgets and associated contingencies, implementation plans and programmes, commercial risks, delivery methodology, contracting strategy, contractor selection and performance, commercial management (upstream and downstream).

Our directors and advisors are project professionals and engineers who have managed and delivered large, complex energy, civil engineering and infrastructure projects in multiple countries and jurisdictions. They are well recognised within the industry as professionals able to deliver outcomes that preserve and enhance the value of large project assets through superior risk management, project management advisory and technical and logistical analysis, including budget and program controls.