Organisational Transformation Advisory

Leadership Development

Using up to date research and diagnostic tools, we measure, show, engage, develop and implement the appropriate leadership development program and structure. Our experience in a range of professions, industries, joint ventures and across ‘the enterprise’ for example, we combine the complexities of strategy, operational requirements and personal wellbeing. Our senior advisor will review the leadership and behaviour style, facilitate teambuilding and communication workshops, provide individual and team coaching and mentoring opportunities with some of the bet operators in the industry and eventually customise a glidepath to success for each individual client.

Culture Diagnostic & Development

A number of proven licences and diagnostic tools allow our advisors to have meaningful conversations with our clients which lead to engagement, change initiatives where necessary and identifying strengths as cornerstone of the organisation’s culture or DNA.

Operational efficiency

Successful organisations need to continually examine operations, seeking opportunities to enhance their efficiency and take advantage of new opportunities. Chronos advisors are past senior and successful executives that have been operating businesses supported by a strong technical and commercial background that enables them to guide your team in the development and the review of strategies designed to improve efficiencies, increase productivity and reduce cost. We understand the issues faced by operations and pride ourselves on implementing lasting improvements in performance.

Change and restruct

Change is a feared term at many organisations. In a forever changing market Clients need to constantly analyse the direction which their business is heading and look for new business models and strategies to seek greater return on investments. These decisions can often be hard for management as people and processes hold legacies within each business. At Chronos we see this change as an opportunity to unlock potential and coach businesses through the transformation.

Over the years we have discovered that most clients know why they need to change and what needs to change but find it difficult to change in a way that impacts less on the people, on clients and on business in general; in a way that the buy in settles from the beginning and generates momentum whilst measuring short and long term progress. We do not have an ‘of the shelf’ model nor a fixed mindset, but we craft a way forward together with our clients as we learn more about their culture, their business and their stakeholders.