People Advisory

Indigenous engagement

Chronos Advisory acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land upon which our office is located, the Whadjuk people of the Noongar nation, and those of lands across Australia. We understand the deep tradition and cultural values held within the indigenous community and how they interact with our client’s operational needs. Chronos works with clients, land owners, local government and more importantly in digenous communities to come to mutually beneficial agreements between parties. We support our clients in developing a culture that engages positively and meaningfully with the Traditional Owners by appreciating and respecting their achievements and by understanding their visions for the future. We facilitate and foster the bridge between cultures through respect, integrity and achieving tangible outcomes through business.

We facilitate the indigenous engagement strategy development and execution, positive engagement with aboriginal businesses and the right Traditional Owners, partnerships with Traditional Owners and their Corporations, employment and workforce development, investment, community engagement, youth training and upskilling and communication frameworks designed to build trust and relationships.

Zero Harm Safety

Chronos will review, benchmark and offer improvements to your established safety, risk and loss prevention processes to ensure safety of all participants is managed towards Zero Harm. We will support you in developing and promoting a strong safety culture that eliminates or minimises the risk of injury. Our safety advisor provides clients with advice on how to encourage and achieve a strong safety culture but more importantly, how to bridge the gap between ‘paper and heart’ or between procedures and behaviours. We review regularly behaviours and trends and offer practical solutions that allows fundamental change in performance so everyone is safe and can go home at the end of the day free of injury.