Strategy & Major Projects Advisory

Business Strategy

If strategy would be easy, everyone would buy one and become successful. The reality is that developing a real and effective strategy is extremely difficult, it takes time, creative thinking, capacity to understand the business environment in depth, ability to ‘see over the hill’ but also ability to be honest with own capacity and be happy with one or two key strategic themes that add value.

Chronos strategy development model is Strategy On One Page model. No thick documents, no unnecessary words, pictures, diagrams and graphs. Its simplicity provides clarity and focus and it is also easy to communicate and cascade into your organisation.

Chronos strategy execution model is also simple – timing, rhythm and relentless pursuit of value.

Our strategy development approach works for any type of business however, we prefer to engage with infrastructure assets where capital intensive requirements demands a long term and sustainable approach.

Major Project Delivery

Our principals have experienced firsthand and fully understand the hurdles required to be overcome in delivering a major investment or project ahead of schedule and under budget and the impact everyone from the Board to the Steering Committee to the Management Team and Field Staff will have in achieving the right outcome. Strategically, making the right decisions early will ensure the investment is de-risked and the asset will deliver the planned returns.

Our extensive industry experience enable us to provide such advice.

Supply Chain and Logistics Review

Achieving real outcomes in supply chain and logistics will result in an accelerated return on investments. Meeting the right cost points for your industry without service level compromise is key and of our Chronos advisors specialise in reviewing and optimising supply chains and logistics. We deliver sustainable results by significantly improving margins, asset efficiency and supply chain responsiveness to return long term value.

Contracting strategy

Chronos consultants have a strong contracting background in many industries including construction, government, mining, transport and industrial. We collaborate with our Clients to review contractual risk that may impact capital choices and investment in assets, operational cost, and environmental and societal exposure. Implementing a contracting strategy will improve business performance and drive sustainable results though people, processes and systems.Contracting strategy